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Dinumi group by T-i-g-g Dinumi group by T-i-g-g
A group of young Dinumis hangig out together. Non hunter mode.

These all belong to me, its from left to right: Dindin´s Brother who remains nameless, Dindin herself und right side is Sno.

These creatures are "Dinumis".
More info about these can be found here:

General Information:…


Dinumi is a personal creation by Tigg Darkfury (Martina Kesting) and is run under her very own hand.
Dinumis are a closed species, that means you are not allowed to randomly create a Dinumi and call it this way. However, there are sometimes adoptables available, so you might see them owned by other persons than Tigg herself. Are you interested in having one custom made especially just for you, you can contact me and commission one!

Please do not use these following references for your own work.

What is a Dinumi?

Dinumi are creatures with a high variety in appearance. They can have any colors on their eyes, skin, horns, hoofes or claws. They come along with mostly individual markings.
Depending on the geographic and natural habitat, the appearance can be different.
Dinumis can reproduce and have sex, but no one is allowed to let them breed to create own new Dinumis.


Dinums are in their behavor very intelligent hunters. They are predators but omnivores, meaning they either eat vegetables or meat. However, a Dinumi always prefers meat over vegetables.
Their noises remind of a mix between dolphins and birds. They can be high pitched but also be very deep. Think about variety in our nature and what sounds birds and dolphins can make, it is large!
A Dinumis Tongue is ment for sniffing! Scenting the air with their jacobson-organ. They flip their tongue out to sniff/scent the air. For this special skill, their skull is anatomically equipped with a small slit in the upper front lip, so the tongue can always be used.
They are a species, that walks on two legs. Dinumis always have hooves, but in maximum of 3 styles, shown further down and depending on their habitat.


Genderwise, males are capable of having a way larger set of horns. (Not a must, also depends on age)
Females do have smaler horn sets.
Other than that, there is no big difference in the optical overlook.
Details and NSFW genital references can be found by scrolling down.

Dinumi are omnivores, that means they eat everything they can catch or find. From plants and vegetables, grass or ferns, to insects and larger animals. A Dinumi prefers meat over everything else. Fish is welcome but due to their hoovings, they are not very good standing in rivers and hunt these.

Dinumi are very social and kind hearted to their own species. When well fed, they can be kept together with other living forms. However, when food is rare or just vegetarian food is available, Dinumis can and will turn into great predators and hunt down everything that is not a Dinumi. (So keep them fed!)
Within their own family, a Dinumi cares for its relatives. Nesting grounds are kept save, clean and hidden by the females. Male Dinumi usually help on that, but if the family is little, they also would go to hunt and bring the mother food when the cubs are in danger to be left alone.

Interactions with other animals or even humans, depend on the situation. If a Dinumi is brought to places with many other beings, they usually warm up, forget about everything and go crazy (ever seen a ferret freak out? Thats alike!). Curious like they are, it can happen, that a Dinumi stalks others, runs after them and sniffs heavily with its tongue. Well fed and not hungry, Dinumis socialize a lot with others and even play hide and seek or "catch me if you can".

Dinumis are usually very noisy, communicating a lot with their owns but also with strangers. Their birdlike voices can sometimes pitch very high or drop down extremely deep. A large variety of noises and sounds are possible.  Chirps, purrs, and twitter... even whistles or grunts. A Dinumi could also try to immitate others, like a bird tries to "speak". However, Dinumis are very clever and if they study someone long enough, they tend to learn what the actions and noises ment to be. If a Dinumi was long enough with humans, they could eventually even "talk" with bodylanguage, but not with their bird like noises, they would still try to form a noise that sounds like a word.

Dinumi can be found anywhere, as long as the habitat holds enough food.
Swampy and jungle areas are usually for tripple-hooved Dinumis, since they have to get better grip. Triple- and Split-Hoved Dinumi live in habitats that are between swamp, jungle or sandy areas. Also very rough mountains with a rocky landscape. The normal hooved ones live in all the rest. However, Dinumis prefer warm habitats, so everything with snow wouldnt fit their needs, but they still could live there. (Breeders are still doscovering genes for this!)
Dinumis can swim... if they have to! Due to their light weighted bones, they automatically float at the surface. Their hollow bones, filled with air, offers a great buoyancy. Dinumis look like dogs in the water, paddling their legs and keeping the head up as much as possible. Some Dinumis have learned to use their tails for better swimming, but the majority of them are not very good with this.

Dinumi are a mix between cold- and warmblood. This means, they use the morning sun to bathe in and gain power from it. But if there is the opportunity to hunt in the night, they also can gather up together and vibrate their muscles to produce warmth. Doing this in a big crowd of Dinumis, the ones in the middle can be warmed up to go to hunt.


Dinumi reproduce via mating. The female gets pregnant. Usually they get just one baby, but lucky and potent couples can get two. Dinumis are mammals and the female holds the babys for 6 months untill she gets down to birth. The milkbar is between their frontarms. The bar can slightly swell when having babys that are to fed by that milk. Actually Dinumis have 8 nipples, that go from between the front arms down the belly. But only the first pair between the arms produce milk. Male and female both have these bars, but the reason for males having them, is not discovered yet.

Dinumis wont show their reproducing organs without the purpose of either mating or atracting another Dinumi. Dinumi dont have to be hetero couples, and they can even build bonds with creatures that arent Dinumis. On rare sights, there were couples sightet that are across all types or even genders. But they cant reproduce with them.


Dinumis in the pure wild are hard to catch, since their attention is very high to its environment. If it happens that a young dinumi got caught, it cant be fully tamed, but used to breed offsprings that can be.
That "first generation" of caught Dinumis wont be an absolute kindheart but tame enough to keep it as friend that will watch your back.
Raised up dinumis, not caught in the wild, will be the closest family member you can think of. Even more like a cat, horse or even a dog. They still have their own mind, needings and what not, but the term "you have a friend in me" is what you can call a dinumi that is being tamed from the beginning.
However! Dinumis are great pets! They make a great view in the wild or on any farm, but they need a very big area to live on their lives. Some of them are even tame enough for one to be ridden.
Yes, a dinumi can be used to ride! It will need what it needs to make a horse get used to it, but a dinumi is way more wilder if it comes to someone sitting on its back! But once done, you can enter their back with a saddle and go on a fast ride, on a consuming unmounted hunt or just a run for who is best.

Purpose of Horns

Dinumis are territorial! Females and males protect their territory and make use of their horns for that. They wont bite or use their claws since a territorial fight is not ment to be deadly, but shoo away the opposite.
In delicate situations, dinumis use their horns to provoke and show their physical superiority. This usually happens if a dinumi has mating interest and someone is interrupting.

Purpose of whiskers.

The specification of having whiskers? Yes, the researchers have the idea of them being a late relict of earlier times. What that means? Well ehm.. to be honest they have absolutely no clue since Dinumis are completely focused on their vision and their ability to use the jacobson´s organ to locate anything of interest. Researchers think that the whiskers started to develop back as the jacobson´s organ evolved to a more important part of their body. Having just 3 whiskers on each side of their snout just makes no real sense anymore. However, the whiskers are still in use, they can move them partly forward if theres anything intresting. In relaxing mode, they are aligned to the snout.

Basic go´s and no-go´s for Dinumi owners:

    You can have 3 dinumis at a time. (If theres an adoptable for sale that really meets your needs, we can talk about that matter, but you will likely have to give away another Dinumi then..)
    Your dinumi must be different to other existing dinumis.
    Copying another character, that is not a dinumi but "turned" into one, is not allowed. Not even if it is your own character.
    Try to keep names individual, but even think about a fitting name.
    You cant let your dinums mate to get a new one, every dinumi has to be accepted by Tigg Darkfury.
    If your dinumi isnt in your needs/heart anymore and you want to give it to another person, you might gift it or sell it. However, the name of the new owner should be brought here, so that the database of accepted dinumis stays clean.
    You can make art of your dinumi or by other ones.
    You cant create fursuitparts that are exact for the dinumi species and sell it. Making money like that isnt the purpose of the species. There is a Dinumi Headbase that can be bought from Tigg Darkfury.
    Making changes to your dinumi needs to be accepted by Tigg Darkfury. But only if you change big things: Furcolor, Hoove-Style, totally different markings, eyecolor change, switching from common to uncommon or rare, etc; If you arent sure if your change needs a look, just ask :)
    Adopting a dinumi will grant you little changes. Usually the adoptable comes with common unshown horns, since its a baby, so you can decide yourself what kind of horns it should have. Some dinumi adoptables are sold as adults, you cant change anything on them.
    When posting anything dinumi related on any website, please reffer to this website, so interested people can get their information directly from here.
    All administrative operations about Dinumis are made by Tigg alone.



The genesis

Dinumis are a well hidden secret of nature. As humans were able to travel far far away in the universe, they could finally answer the one question: Are we alone? And no! They are not!

A planet tiny and far away, but still alike the earth, roams its way in a solar system that still is kept under lock from the military! However, they discovered this eco system long ago and started to explore the nature as in fauna and flora. The wildlife was amazing and weird, never ben seen such creatures! It looks like a prehistoric earth, having all these unknown plants, tress, flower, grasses. But also landscapes very modern, looking alike the ones of our earth! Steppes , swamps , deserts, jungles , grasslands , forests , ice landscapes , snow mountains , oceans , lakes and mountain ranges plates and caves deep inside the planet. It is just like our earth, but with different wildforms! Due to the smaller size of this far away ball of life, the day- and nightcycle is shorter than ours.

The wildlife there houses an unknown variety of species, spreading over all landscapes. Big to tiny, there is no thing more different but alike our own wildlife. One species has caught the attention of humans the most, a furry, talkative, social and also dangerous two-legged predator, that mannaged to rule the planet with its perfect way to fit in. No matter if it is a swamp, desert, joungle or whatnot, a Dinumi can be found nearly everywhere! As the landscape varies, so does the appearance of this species. From different feet to a large variation of horns to many fur colors and fur lenghts. But the basic look of a Dinumi is always the same!

Humans studied the natural behavour of this pretty intelligent animals and soon found out how curious and nosey they are. Dinumis tend to inspect everything new, and since they never saw anything human made, they were interested in the buildings and fast found out that the electrical fences are not nice to them. But they kept luring arround, getting used to human seights and one came to another. Human interaction with the Dinumis made them more nosey, feeding them made the Dinumis attracted towards the humans.

However. Humans found out they can be kind of "nice" but still are predators, fast hunters with a massive amount of power and the will to kill for food. This made a decision in the humans head, wild ones are far from being able to be tamed, so they catched a view pairs of Dinumis to breed them in captivity and raise them by hand. It made great success and turned out the way it is right now: Dinumis make great pets as rideable mount, hunt companion or area protectors. It was a long way till the Dinumis were able to be exported to our earth, but with these unbeaten properties, they were ment to be brought to our earth.

They are now mannaged and bred in a closed area by educated keepers, tranied and fed, raised and tamed. Some rare seights of private kept Dinumis have been made, some are used for military specs and some are still roaming in this massive huge area that is breeding and taming topics. Therefore, they are still uncommon in our world.


Pets: Dinumis can be held as a simple pet if a stable and a pasture is provided.

Hunter: They can be held as companion for hunting. (Deers, boars etc.). But be aware, they are only usable for stock depletion, since they will eat the prey. Not usable for trophy shootings.

Mount: The training for a Dinumi to be a good mount is long, but if it succeeds, they make great mounts! They also enjoy carriage rides.

Mount for Hunt: Right now not possible, since the instinct of a Dinumi still takes over in a hunt.

Wild Dinumi: Is not recommended, but are always breaked out individuals from the breeding farm. Therefore, they wont attack humans since they are tame, but still wild enough to roam free on their own and hunt for food. But in this case, they wont make differences from horses, dogs, deer, cows etc.

Breedable traits

Dinumis usually look the same, but humans already discovered genes to affect the outcome of offsprings. Every Dinumi has a birth controller implemented in his/her skin, so they cant get babys outside the breeding facility.

So here are the outcomes (mannaged by the Species owner, Tigg Darkfury):

Common: 2 Fur colors, one Set of horns, hooved, split hooved or triple hooved (Perissodactyla), midlong bodyfur, long fur arround the hooves, long tail, irokese "hairstyle", normal yawset, normal sized pointy ears, natural colors (every shade of black, brown, white, red, green yellow) never neons, 1 Tail.

Uncommon: 3 Furcolors, single horn instead of set, very long fur on the whole body, medium long tail, different jawset (boar teeth, saber teeth, etc.), unnatural colors (shades of blue, yellow) never neons, 1 Tail with 2 tailtips, short hairstyle other than irokese.

Rare: 3 horns or 4 horns, short tail, short fur, weird formed ears (never big ears!) like the one of a deer, horse, floppy ears etc; neoncolors or unfitting colors like pink, purple, gold, silver; two tails, beads, long "mane" hairstyle.

Selected breed: Selectional breeds in a dinumi research facility? Yes, humans do that, but what can you expect? Breeders choose dinumis with either a special look or ability. Therefore, very very rare breeds are for example:
More than the usual amount of whiskers, very colorfull patterns, single colored fur, exceptional horns, faster dinumis.
The pure potential is far from being revealed. Researchers breed dinumis for a short time, and only time can tell how far the variations of a dinumi can go. Selected breeds are very rare and expensive to get.


Possible differences are:
Lenght of fur (cold/hot areas) - Dinumis always have fur, they are never skinny without fur.
Horn design - Dinumis can have realistic horns or a fantasy based set. They can even have just one horn. Dinumis never have spikes anywhere on the body. The only horn or spikewise things are the horns on the head.
Hoove design - Dinumi have, depending on their habitat, horselike hoofes, paired/split hoofes or even tripled hoofes (example: rhinoceros). They never have claws on their feet or any else designs.
Ears - Are usually pointy, as long as they are not overall large. They should never be oversized, better hold them smaller than too big. A Dinumi is never earless, unless the ear got ripped off. The biggest Earsize, compared to their head, is for example a doe.
Tail - Dinumis Tails are at least the size so the tailtip can touch the ground. Depending on habitat it can be shorter. A Dinumi can have a two tipped tail or a maximum of 2 tails at once.
Front paws - Always have to look the same and must have 5 fingers with claws. There is no variety in this.
Wings - Is a no go. Dinumis never have wings.
Spikes - Is a no go. Dinumis never have spikes.
Whiskers - Dinumis always have whiskers, that can have any color.
 Mixing? - Dinumis cant be mixed with any other species. The only thing that could relate optical to another animal is just the furmarkings. That means, a Dinumi could have zebra stripes, or leopard spots.
Fangs - The jawset always looks the same, unless a Dinumi has lost some teeth. The upper Jawset can vary with boar teeth growing out of the muzzle or even saber teeth.
Morphing - You cant morph your fursona or any other character into an dinumi or the other way arround! Why? This simply shows that you have no connection towards this character and i really dont apreciate such heartless actions :(

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